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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trash to Treasure DYI

I love craigslist. I love finding things. I love creating something beautiful. I love saving money. I bought this headboard and footboard on craigslist for $150.00. Solid wood, nice trim and a style that complements the other pieces in my bedroom.
The first step is to lay the piece on a large piece of plastic.
Wear gloves. The heavy ones. The chemicals are quite strong and you won't want them to make contact with your skin.
Don't bother with the "sensitive" strippers. They are a waste of money. Go straight for the hard stuff. My favorite is pictured above.
Paint the stripper on with a brush you don't care too much about. You'll be throwing it away when you're done.
Next you can peel off the paint with a metal scraper--follow than with steel wool to scrub into all of the tight spots.You can follow with any stain that you like. I am partial to the rustic and really like the way this project turned out.

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  1. Although I do love the headboard, my favorite part is you referencing the sensitive strippers. I know it wasn't intended that way, but it does make me laugh out loud.